session faqs

what should I wear?

think about how you will be using the photos. for family? professionally? to adorn your home? it is perfectly fine to change clothes during the session to experiment with a few different looks. Long sleeves and long pants are best. Color is best; avoid wearing white as it will compete with your face – even ivory is a better choice. For men, go for a colored shirt if possible. Choose a shade that complements your eyes and/or skin tone: pick the color that always nets you the most compliments. If you generally wear makeup, you might want to add a little bit extra and by all means bring it with you for retouches.

what is the best location?

I prefer to shoot outdoors in natural light . . . it’s the most flattering. however, that is not always appropriate even an option. let’s choose a location that’s a perfect match for what you are trying to accomplish!

how long with the session take?

generally, the best shots are captured while you are fresh. While we won’t stop until we’re done, one to two hours is usually a safe bet.

I never like pictures of myself, how will this be different?

I specialize is capturing beautiful photos for people who are often unhappy with how they look in photos. How? I listen to what you generally don’t like about yourself in photos and then work some special magic.

with glasses or without?

this is up to you. which way do you feel most like yourself? non-glare glasses are a cinch to photograph. if you would like to wear your glasses but do not have the anti-glare coating, you may want to see if your optometrist will loan you a pair of empty frames for our shoot. or, you can have your lenses removed for the shoot and then replaced. usually this just involves time, not money. as a last resort – because its time-intensive and doesn’t always work perfectly, we can photoshop out the glare.

what kind of equipment do you use?

I am a Nikon shooter. I use nikon professional cameras (D3 & D200) and a variety of nikon lenses. and because i am apparently a gear head – i have all kinds of other important stuff that is absolutely


there are many great locations for outdoor photography. downtown denver and boulder offer great urban settings. or, for a more rural look we can meet at one of the many parks. shoots include one location, but additional locations may be added, if not included in your package. natural light is my absolute favorite option. in Colorado, where there are so many clear days, the weather almost never an issue. in fact, overcast days typically yield the best photographs. (please note that sessions are rescheduled at the discretion of the photographer and only if there is precipitation.)