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thanksgiving 2012

this year’s thanksgiving was serendipitous. we were invited to steve’s very nice neighbor’s lovely woodland home. the meal was delicious and the conversation was lively and interesting. a lovely way to celebrate gratitude and share a feast.

making phone calls

but we started the day with phone calls to far away family: kids, parents, siblings.

macy's thanksgiving day parade

watched a bit of the parade. this was a santa dance where they had santas in many different, gorgeous suits.

it's santa claus!

but the big guy was dressed all in red. i was a little surprised to see that he needed a caption. what a perfect santa.

ho ho ho

ho ho ho. i just love that face. isn’t that the perfect santa? macy’s must have their pick!


by the way, the narcissus are coming along. we got these bulbs at sturtz & copeland and they seem quite vivacious. i can’t wait to smell the sweet aroma.

feeder visitor

it’s so woodsy at the neighbors. they have bird feeders that attract so many visitors. the trees come right up to the edge of the deck.

bird feeder activity

isn’t he beautiful. he didn’t really want to pose for any photos, so it took a few tries to “capture” him. i am hoping he visits at steve’s, but i can see that the buffet is much better here.

little bear

isn’t this the cutest? there are so many adorable touches everywhere.

buck in the woods

this guy watched us eat. isn’t he stunning?

our lovely hostess made butter

our hostess used a hand-cranked device to make fresh butter for the meal. this was a HUGE treat.

homemade rolls

the homemade rolls puffed up so beautifully – altitude be darned.

thanksgiving proclamation

our host shared the Thanksgiving Proclamation issued by Lincoln during the civil war. I didn’t realize he turned Thanksgiving into an official holiday.

the bounty

tthe bounty – i ate it all up. woh. we laughed that everyone took advantage of the plate borders to extend their food opportunities

kitty host

one our hosts. this was the softest, furriest kitty i have ever met.

i hope your holiday was filled with warmth and joy.

cheers, dana


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gorgeous snow portrait session


In celebration of a banner wedding anniversary, Jeannie wanted a special gift. We designed a shoot at a private lake in Nederland to portray how she first met her husband — skiing. What do you think? Will her husband be surprised?

cheers, dana

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at the lake

this past sunday, i spent most of the time studying. except for this little boating break to get sunshine on my eyeballs and some captures in the camera. do you need a little fresh air? give yourself a little virtual break!

sunday in september on the lake. we took out the row boat for a short cruise.

there’s a view of the homestead. the dogs run around the lake chasing us. except one.












captain and the first mate. the pug would rather ride in the boat and he gets nervous if we leave without him.

raining sunshine.

lucy’s post-swim shake off. you have to look carefully to make out her face.


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