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halloween cowboy

cowboy by dana rogers photography


cheers, dana

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horrifying self portrait

Boulder Gothic

this was a lot of fun to shoot. but when i set out to create this image – inspired by Grant Woods’ American Gothic – i had no idea how frightening we would look. i am accustomed to disliking photos of myself – but egads!!! rather than exactly replicate the work, I have represented what I remembered from seeing it.

a few things i learned:

  • be careful what you wish for
  • there are only three homes in Boulder with gothic windows  (there is one home with a Gothic window in Gold Hill, but it wasn’t on the second floor.)
  • post-production is everything when it comes to meeting the standard of your mind’s eye (the actual work isn’t quite as doom and gloom)

if we do this again, i think i will select less grim subject matter. something a bit more uplifting.

venus on the half shell anyone?

Happy Halloween!

cheers, dana




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exploding trees


The trees are exploding here. We had great weather, then snow, now great again. The moisture has fueled every flowering tree to bust with color.

Walking around feels like being in a fantasy wonderland. Now and then, the visual beauty is accompanied by a sweet, mild fragrance.

Have you been enjoying this spring?




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at the lake

this past sunday, i spent most of the time studying. except for this little boating break to get sunshine on my eyeballs and some captures in the camera. do you need a little fresh air? give yourself a little virtual break!

sunday in september on the lake. we took out the row boat for a short cruise.

there’s a view of the homestead. the dogs run around the lake chasing us. except one.












captain and the first mate. the pug would rather ride in the boat and he gets nervous if we leave without him.

raining sunshine.

lucy’s post-swim shake off. you have to look carefully to make out her face.


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say cheese? win cheese!

food photography by dana rogers photography - brie

ever wonder why people ask you to “say cheese” when you pose for a photograph? it’s mainly because your mouth mimics a grin when you say the words. and, it’s so silly that its likely to inspire a smile.

i tried researching the history of the “say cheese” and i still don’t really know how this nutty custom started. apparently, the tradition has spread across the globe. in korea, people say kimchi. in bulgaria its kele, which means cabbage. in Denmark, the words mean “say orange.”

do you say cheese when posing for a photo? if not, what do you say?

leave a comment below sharing your favorite posing photo and revealing your favorite cheese. while you are at it, visit my facebook page,

cheers, dana


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